Get your company off the ground

with as little as 250 distributor kits


We make it easier to launch your business

DS Launch is a premier solution for startups in the direct sales industry. We provide the essential branded products and services that help your distributors find success.


Stunning Distributor Kits


Fully managed eStores


Convenient User Portal


Seamless shipping

The best look for your business

A Distributor Kit designed to create the best experience from unboxing to page turning. We aim to make it as easy as possible to get your kits into the hands of your distributors

The right components

From packaging to postcards – we provide all the necessary components for your kit. Choose from one of our discounted bundles or pick and choose your favorite items using our custom builder

Your products

Need some room for your products inside? No problem! We’ll take in your inventory and include them in kit shipments every time a distributor joins your company

Low minimum orders

We leverage our robust print production capabilities so that we can offer low minimums on Distributor Kit orders

Give your distributors the tools they need to succeed

A beautifully designed e-commerce site built to serve your distributors

What does no inventory mean to you?

Zero commitments on the most popular branded merchandise

Let us pay YOU

We give you 50% of the profit on all eStore sales

Responsive web design

Your distributors can shop anywhere, at anytime, and on any device

Fully Managed

No design fees, setup fees, or hosting fees

Distributor Incentive Programs

Give eStore credits to top performing distributors within your organization

Need more branded merchandise?

Browse our extensive online catalog to add extra products to your store

No purchase orders necessary

A client-side web portal for quick and easy kit ordering

Order processing in a snap

Simply upload your CSV file through our secure, cloud-based connection and we’ll handle the rest

Discounted gear for your team

Order all the corporate swag you need for your team and all at wholesale pricing!

End-to-end shipping & logistics

Hassle free Distributor Kits and eStore merchandise. We put your brand at the center of our operations, covering you every step of the way

Full phone & email support

Our team handles the customer service on all fronts, giving your distributors the best possible experience while giving you peace-of-mind

Our synergies at work for you

Hot off the press and straight into your kits. Our one of a kind, in-house supply chain is the quickest, simplest, and least expensive way to get Distributor Kits into the mail

Effortless reporting

Access your personalized admin panel and get real-time updates on eStore sales as well as tracking on all shipments

Ready to build something unique with DS Launch?

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More than 600 Maskcara distributors gathered at the Redrock Hotel in Las Vegas celebrating their community, enjoy product demos, listen to special guest speakers, and hear company updates. JN Agency was on site to supply the Shine Event Merchandise Store with products, apparel, and business tools– some of which developed exclusively for this VIP event.